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wankerpants posted Dec 20 '18 at 3:15 pm
We have implemented our voting reward system.

Currently members will receive a basic income for reaching certain voting milestones such as:

Voting on all the current voting sites in a day
Voting once a day for x number of days in a row
Voting X number of times

As of now we are still implementing our shop system, so voting is only rewarding money. We will adjust this as more eco
Maineri posted Dec 17 '18 at 11:04 pm
Hey everyone!

All of you active Wankercraft players have noticed that there's no spawn in the main world. That's because everything in main world will be built in survival.

Blocks and other resources need to be donated by all of you. There's a donation chest at the spawn where you can put all of you excess stuff.

Please donate for the common good.

Ps. spawn is at -223 / 66
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